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When it comes to safety, organization, and visual appeal in parking areas, nothing speaks more prominently than quality a beautiful and functional parking lot In the bustling state of Florida, one company stands out in this specialized field of parking lot restoration services: Express Asphalt solutions.

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Hiring a professional for asphalt paving offers many benefits. Professional asphalt paving contractors have the experience and expertise needed to complete the job correctly the first time. Their asphalt paving services are designed to last for many years. Professional asphalt paving contractors use specialized equipment and techniques to ensure that the asphalt is applied correctly and evenly. They also use a variety of materials and products to ensure that the asphalt is long lasting and attractive.

Here’s an overview of what asphalt paving Services involves:

Destruction and Removal

  • To begin with, asphalt experts execute the demolition and removal of existing pavement surfaces – be it concrete, asphalt, or pavers.
  • Constructors use professional-grade machinery to remove the existing surface. These may include dump trucks, front loaders, small bobcats, and forklifts.
  • After the demolition, a lot of debris is collected and dumped.
  • We advocate transferring old concrete and asphalt to Florida asphalt plants. This turns waste into usable new asphalt. However, do not undermine the value of old asphalt. Once recycled and turned new, it is as strong and fresh as the new one.
Asphalt Paving Services

Sloping and Grading

Our network of professionals use the latest technology to make an appropriate surface for an efficient water drainage system. Regardless of the pavement quality and durability, if its surface cannot drain water, it won’t last long.

From cravings to potholes, water is one of the primary sources of road damage. On top of that, it brings inconvenience to the citizens. Therefore, our asphalt partners prepare the slope to ensure proper water flow. Professional asphalt workers use automatic motor graders and laser-guided transits to grade the surfaces, making them better for draining water.

Preparing the Base

Sub-base is one of the most important components of the asphalt surface. Here’s how.

  • It acts as a barrier during the winter season. For instance, it limits winter damage caused due to freezing.
  • It also stabilizes surfaces and supports the pavement.

It won’t be wrong to say that the base thickness and stability are among the essential steps of pavement installation. If the sub-base lacks compactness, it won’t be durable. Consequently, you’d need a new pavement within a few months.

Undercutting, Proof Roll, and Sub Base Repairs

Proof roll makes the underlying surface more potent and more durable. Generally, it requires a quad-axle dump truck which professionals drive on the entire surface – row by row.

Riding this truck also reveals a significant problem – the instability of gravel. In case it bends due to the truck’s weight, it signifies it isn’t supported well.

Surface Course and Binder

After adding the sub-base, the constructors add the binder and repair the weak areas.

  • The binder layer is an aggregate containing solid materials, including oil, to make it thick and long-lasting.
  • Experts believe this layer adds to the strength of the new asphalt surface.

Asphalt Paving Surface Installation

Here comes the asphalt paving surface installation. After putting all supportive structures in place, a fresh asphalt layer is added to provide an even, clean ride. The asphalt is made of sand, oil, and aggregate. However, the ingredients added may vary from company to company. Nonetheless, regardless of the asphalt type used, it turns out to be a thick, black-looking material. Although the material quality affects the final surface, the installation skills play a crucial role in making it shiny and polished.

Transitions And Butt Joints

An asphalt surface always connects to existing roads, driveways, or parking lots. As simple as it may sound, the constructors need specialized skills to make the project successful.

For instance, there should be an even and finished transition from the old surface to the new one. The smoother the change, the less noticeable it would be, which is great.

Here’s some information regarding it:

  • The point where old asphalt meets the new one is called butt joints.
  • This transitional point requires attention to detail to ensure proper water run-off and an even smooth surface.
  • They are also imperative to ensure passersby do not observe the transition.

The final roll using a roller truck makes the newly installed asphalt compact and smooth. It also removes any bumps of stone pointing through the new surface.

Disclaimer: Asphalt paving service is referred to a licensed a contractor