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Welcome to Express Asphalt solutions, your premium asphalt business in Florida. With the focus on quick, affordable, and top-notch services. We specialize in asphalt paving and repair, sealcoating, as well as parking lot striping. Our skilled team ensures your parking areas are safe, organized and visually appealing. From commercial properties to residential communities, we cater to all your asphalt needs with precision and care. Enhance the functionality and appearance of your parking spaces with our quality solutions. Contact us now for a free quote and experience the different Express Asphalt Solutions can make!

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Our Process

Once you contact our office we will have one of our experienced estimators give you a call to discuss the details of your project. If needed they will set up an appointment to go out and see your property, but most estimates can be done over the phone with the help of Google Earth. Our Estimators will come out and evaluate exactly what your needs are. Next they will make recommendations to you, as well as provide you with a competitive quote also. We can provide you with a professional diagram that clearly communicates exactly what areas we are bidding to repair, so that there is no confusion about what you are getting.

Why Parking Lot Restoration?

Parking Lot Striping

Refresh Faded Markings

Parking Lot Striping

Control Traffic Conflicts

Parking Lot Striping, Parking Lot Painting

Calm Sloppy Parking

Express Asphalt Solutions

Why Us?


Committed To Provide Quality Services

At Express Asphalt Solutions we only utilize highly skilled crew members. All crew members are trained in proper job site safety protocols and are familiar with ADA, OSHA, and MUTCD codes and standards.

We Follow Best Practices

Our crews will always show up in proper safety gear appropriate for each project, and all of our larger jobs have a supervisor overseeing the project in addition to the project foremen.

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What Our Clients Say


Gas Station owner

Alice Howard

"We couldn't be happier with the incredible work done by Express Asphalt Solutions and their crew on re-striping our gas station parking lot. They truly lived up to their reputation for quick, affordable, and top-quality services. The team was highly professional, ensuring every detail was meticulously taken care of. Our parking lot now looks fantastic, and the clear markings have significantly improved the flow of traffic and enhanced safety for our customers. Express Asphalt Solution's expertise and dedication to perfection are evident in the remarkable results they delivered. We highly recommend them to anyone in need of parking lot striping services. Thank you, Express Asphalt Solutions, for an outstanding job!"

Commercial Property Manager

Nathan Marshall

“As a commercial property manager overseeing multiple large properties, I can confidently say that Express Asphalt Solutions has been an invaluable partner in ensuring the efficiency and safety of our parking areas. Their expertise in road and parking lot striping is unmatched. With their quick and reliable service, they seamlessly tackled all our properties, delivering exceptional results every time. Their affordable pricing and commitment to quality have been a game-changer for us. Our tenants and visitors appreciate the organized and well-marked parking spaces, enhancing the overall experience. Express Asphalt Solution's professionalism and attention to detail have made them our go-to choice for all striping needs. I highly recommend their services to fellow property managers or anyone seeking top-tier parking lot solutions. Thank you, Express Asphalt Solutions, for consistently exceeding our expectations!”

Nail Salon Owner

Ema Romero

“As a small business owner operating a single nail salon, I am incredibly grateful to have found Express Asphalt Solutions for our parking lot striping needs. Their team's quick response and efficient service made the entire process hassle-free. The affordability of their services was a pleasant surprise, considering the high-quality results we received. Our clients now have clearly marked parking spaces, making it convenient for them to visit us. Express Asphalt Solutions attention to detail and professionalism truly set them apart. They transformed our parking lot into a visually appealing and safe area, leaving a positive impression on our customers. Without a doubt, I wholeheartedly recommend Express Asphalt Solutions to fellow entrepreneurs for their exceptional striping services. Thank you, Express Asphalt Solutions, for helping enhance our nail salon's curb appeal and customer experience!"

Apartment Complex Property Manager

Ann Smith

“Express Asphalt Solutions has been an absolute game-changer for our 300 Unit apartment complex. As a property manager, maintaining a safe and well-organized parking lot is crucial, and that's where Express Asphalt Solutions excels. Their team's professionalism and expertise ensured a seamless experience from start to finish. They efficiently re-striped our parking lot, delivering outstanding results at an affordable price. The clear markings and properly designated spaces have significantly reduced parking disputes among residents, improving overall satisfaction. Our complex now boasts a visually appealing and functional parking area, thanks to Express Asphalt Solutions exceptional work. I highly recommend their services to fellow property managers; they have made a remarkable difference for us. Thank you, Express Asphalt Solutions, for your commitment to excellence and making our residents' lives better!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

The service of laying out and painting lines and stencils that make up a typical parking lot. Parking lot striping can be done as a new layout project typically off of plans drafted by an architect, or it can be done as a maintenance services to “freshen up” the painted lines and markings in your parking lot.
On a dry warm day, paint should be dry within two hours of application.
Standard colors are recommended (White Yellow Red Blue Green Black.) Certain jurisdictional codes will determine what colors you may or may not be able to use.
Pavement stripes and pavement markings generally last about two years, depending on how well maintained the parking lot is, the amount of traffic the parking lot gets, and depending on how harsh the weather conditions in your area are.

Sealcoating asphalt is a protective process used to extend the lifespan and maintain the appearance of asphalt pavement. This process involves applying 2 or more coast of sealant to the surface of the asphalt, which has several key benefits:


  1. Protection from Elements: Sealcoating shields the asphalt from the harmful effects of weather, like sun, rain, and snow. It acts as a barrier against water penetration, reducing the risk of cracks and potholes.
  2. Enhanced Appearance: The sealcoat gives the asphalt a dark, uniform color, making it look new and well-maintained. This can enhance the curb appeal of a property.
  3. Resistance to Chemicals: It helps in protecting the asphalt from spills of oil, gasoline, and other chemicals that can deteriorate the surface over time.
  4. Cost-Effectiveness: Regular sealcoating can significantly extend the life of asphalt pavement, reducing the need for more costly repairs and replacements.

The process typically involves cleaning the asphalt surface, repairing any existing damage like cracks or holes, and then applying the sealcoat. It’s important to apply sealcoating correctly and at appropriate intervals (usually every 2-3 years) for maximum effectiveness.

We use SealMaster Cold Tar sealant.

The drying time for sealcoat on asphalt can vary depending on weather conditions. As fast as 6 hours or long as 24 hours.


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